Fostering  SuperStars  began  as  three  former  foster  children ~ who  aged  out  of  foster  care ill-equipped and unprepared for adult life. Although we each experienced foster care differently. We shared a common issue that plagues the foster care system.  


'Hopelessness and Helplessness'


What's aging out you ask?  Well, on the day you turn 18 years old, 21 in some states. You become and independent adult.  All alone.  Whether you are ready for it or not.  Often times, we wind up on the streets.  Our belongings stuffed in a black garbage bag. 


The black garbage bags made us feel worse. That's when the 'hopelessness and helplessness' took over. But we built each other up, and decided together, we could do something 'small' that would have an 'enormous impact' on children in foster care today.

When Helen, the founder of Fostering SuperStars and former foster child, told the story of the black garbage bags to Andrea, the founder of P.E.S.T. Relief International and Mattress Safe Inc., Andrea knew God had big plans for both organizations and foster children across the nation. 

Together, they created 'My SAFE-BAG.' P.E.S.T. Relief International creates clean and sanitary sleeping spaces for those in need of financial assistance and has a pest relief situation.

Fostering SuperStars

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