Inspiring HOPE and SUCCESS   

Davina Alexandra was born into a family caught in a cycle of generational foster care. With sheer tenacity, she was determined to break the cycle of abuse that haunted her family.


Soon after entering the foster system at age seven, Davina was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. Due to the high cost of surgery that bore slim positive percentages, she was left to suffer her impending death alone; unloved and unwanted.


By a wonderful miracle, a neurosurgeon heard about Davina’s case and offered, free of any costs, to save her life. Although she would eventually require another brain surgery and relearn to walk twice, Davina never lost her will to push through and survive. Survive Davina did, going forward to become a multiple award winning Sales Associate for a leading cosmetic company. Although she still suffers from minor issues due to brain function, she has not let it define her ability to succeed beyond any and all limitations impressed upon her.


As many of our foster care alumni, Davina found herself in an abusive relationship that darkened her soul for years. However, she recently decided to take back her power and end her suffering. She is now happy, healthy and full of life.


Today, working in group home environments throughout the state of Illinois, Davina is a contracted life skill educator to foster children. She is and has always shown extreme passion for children in and of foster care. She is also involved in other facets of health and wellbeing. Filled with energy, spunk and life


Davina is a woman ready to make positive changes for children in negative situations. She is doing so in a really big way.Davina is the founder of “Fostering Hope for America”, a book and a team devoted to spreading inspirational messages to children in care and of care.


A devoted mother and a woman of God, it was in her faith that she found the strength to persevere and bloom into the spiritual and soulful woman she has become.


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Our Mission:  To create a nation of loving, thriving, successful foster children on the

                        road to phenomenal.