Inspiring HOPE and SUCCESS   

Esther Pilgrim grew up as a child in and out of foster care her entire life. Born to a mentally ill mother, she suffered from malnutrition and was brought back to health many times before entering the foster care system permanently. Upon aging out of foster care, she chose to enter the military rather than couch hopping endlessly. Years after exiting the military and after a traumatic divorce, Esther was preyed upon by a smooth talking con-artist. This is a common problem among youth in care and of care. She became a financial fraud victim of Tim Dog, a highly publicized case of rapper turned con man.


While a soldier in the military, Esther attended a Practical Nurse program where she was valedictorian and won an award for "outstanding student". Once she finished her service in the Army, she finished earning her college degree and obtained her license as a Registered Nurse. She has since taken her passion into the area of foster child advocacy.


Her job today has expanded from education of high risk pregnancies into focusing on foster youth high risk pregnancies. She is now on the horizon of educating foster care youth on not only pregnancies overcoming and becoming phenomenal. She has a heart unlike any other that I know but how to protect and value their bodies. Foster youth are high risk for being misused and abused sexually by people who prey on their hunger to be loved and valued.


Esther leads with decades of experience and an intense passion, fueled by years of ‘Darkness’. Today Esther has found her light and soaks herself in the knowledge of overcoming and becoming phenomenal.


She has a heart unlike any other that I know. She bleeds deep and loves large. It is in Esther's faith that she has finally found peace. As do most of our team, she still fights the darkness that tries to steal her light every day. The fight to stay calm, to stay centered and to stand firm is a daily battle for each of us.


Esther believes big success is driven by team effort; She has become a force in networking and driving unity as well as change. She plans to become a force to be reckoned with in foster care education, empowerment and advocacy.


Esther is the author of Journey to Justice. An objective glimpse of her war against Tim Dog was told via Dateline: A Perfect Catch. She has also been a guest on the Steve Harvey TV Show and other local news show affiliates. She is a mother and grandmother of amazing children and granddaughters.




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Our Mission:  To create a nation of loving, thriving, successful foster children on the

                        road to phenomenal.