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Sling Bag

Life Skills Book

Inspirational Wristband

iNspire 'Me' Cards


*Local Hope Notes & other items will be included when selected as a community outreach project.


"iNspire Me - iNspire Me - iNspire Me they say!"

# of Bags

X $25

Donate Here.

Or here.

Whether you are sponsoring Hope Totes, or just want to donate

There's 'NO' amount too small.

Or, if you prefer.  

You can make small monthly  donations.

  Your Donation

Your generosity truly can impact the future of a child in foster care.

We are proof!

Interested in

Fostering or Adoption?


 Mailing Address



Helen Ramaglia

Fostering SuperStars

209 River Green Avenue

Canton, GA  30114

(470) 588-1158

 Corporate Sponsorships


Corporate Sponsorships re available and very much appreciated.

Please email for sponsorship packages and information.

To date:
Your donations have turned over
5,200 of these.

Into these....
In just 9 years.

Ramaglia Boys - Foster Adopted 6/2010

Our Goal:

To replace this


With This

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