Every year, more than 24,000 children 'age out' of foster care. They often age out, feeling hopeless, helpless and alone. Their 'stuff' packed in black garbage bags.




What's aging out you ask?  Well, on the day you turn 18 years old, 21 in some states. You become an independent adult.  All alone.  Whether you are ready for it or not.  Often times, we wind up on the streets.  Our belongings stuffed in a black garbage bag. 


When we aged out of care the black garbage bags made us feel worse. That's when the 'hopelessness and helplessness' took over. But many years later, we found each other, built each other up, and decided together, we could do something 'small' that would have an 'enormous impact' on children in foster care today.

It's a Tote of 'Hope'


A Bag of 'Inspiration'


With 'Me' Room


For 'My' Stuff

And Packed Full of iNspiration


Hope Totes are packed with inspirational cards called 'Hope Notes' written by local community groups.  An animated life skills book written by former foster children and a color changing wristband.  Additional iNspirational items are included and varies by event. 


And .... a One of a Kind

PEST Safe Bag insert.jpg

My SAFE-BAG ~ Healing Hearts One Child at a Time

Due to the increase in bed bug infestations & lice, it's not uncommon for children moving into foster care to carry unwanted critters with their belongings. 

My SAFE-BAG is a unique bed bug certified case that allows caregivers to simply toss the garment filled bag into the dryer.  Killing unwanted pests. 

*This is a partnership program through PEST Relief International and Mattress Safe, Inc.