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What's aging out you ask?  Well, on the day you turn 18 years old, 21 in some states. You become an independent adult.  All alone.  Whether you are ready for it or not.  Often times, we wind up on the streets. Our belongings stuffed in black garbage bags. 


Aging-out alone is devastating, and the black garbage bags made us feel even worse!   

It's a Tote of 'Hope'


A Bag of 'Inspiration'

Hope Totes Packed Full of iNspiration


Hope Totes are packed with inspirational cards called 'Hope Notes' written by local community groups.  An animated life skills book written by former foster children and a color changing wristband.  Additional iNspirational items are included and varies by event. 


With 'Me' Room


For 'My' Stuff


Do you know:

~Only 2%-3% of foster youth will have the opportunity to obtain a drivers license by age 18.

~25% of 'aged out' foster kids will become homeless by the age of 18.

~ 50% of 'aged-out' youth will be incarcerated within 2 years.

74% of prison inmates were once in the foster care system.
80% of inmates on death row were once in foster care

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