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Helen Ramaglia was born, a premature infant, into a life filled with violence and abuse.  When she was only three years old, her mother suffered fatal wounds due to domestic violence.  With no desire to nurture small children her family sent a little girl, already full of wounds and trauma, to anyone who wanted to play mommy and daddy. 


At six years of age, Helen was returned to her father.  The brutal life she remembered seemed farfetched and possibly a nightmare.  However, within only two years her father returned to alcohol; and it was obvious a mentally demented man still lurked deep inside him.  Helen came to recognize her two years of much-forbidden childhood as only a lie.  Every day brought new horrors that stole Helen’s identity; and new trauma that stole her voice.  Before long she had stopped talking altogether.


For most of her life, continuing to live became Helen’s daily vigil, with everything focused on nothing but survival.  At age sixteen, she found herself graduated from high school with no one to guide her into adult life.  For two years, she felt forgotten, lonely, and sad.  Three weeks before aging out of foster care, Helen sat on the side of her bed with a handful of sleeping pills.  However, she made the decision to marry out of care instead.  With no one to teach, guide or offer support, she continued most of her adult life on her own.  Until one day after yet another traumatic event, she decided to change her life; catapulting her to where she is today.

Helen has turned a life of devastation into a beautiful inspirational message of impactful empowerment to all who hear her story.  She brings a unique passion of hope and understanding to areas of life where others struggle to cope or see only darkness ahead. 

Helen serves as a powerful advocate for foster children by bringing a voice to the voiceless.  She is the creator of Fostering Skills, a program designed to guide children in care, of care, and at risk, onto a path of success.  She is an aged out foster child, a foster-adoptive parent, and founder of “Fostering SuperStars”.


Helen is a Congressional Award winner, a Points of Light Award honoree, a Woman of Valor award recipient, and has recently received a Successful Survivors award.   Helen has written many compelling articles for “The Chronicle of Social Change”, and is a much sought after Child Welfare keynote speaker.  As a compelling inspirational speaker, Helen shares her story of hope and healing to hundreds and thousands of hurting souls across our nation.

Helen lives in Georgia and has four children.  Two of them, foster adopted.  She is a child of God and a woman of passion. Today, Helen is amazed at how God could use a little girl so broken and so battered, to do some of His greatest works.

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