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Hope Totes 

It's a tote filled with inspiration -
A self-care kit, a wristband, Hope Notes, a Success Journal, and other comfort items.

Since 2011, Fostering SuperStars has donated over 18,000 Hope Totes to foster children living in group homes and other alternative living environments across America. 



Hope & Healing

to 1 foster child 



Hope & Healing

to 3 foster children 



Hope & Healing

to 3 foster children 

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How Our Programs Work

Fostering SuperStars provides assistance to children in foster care and the foster community at large. We currently offer diverse services for foster youth through tangible resources, birthday celebrations, driving scholarships, and supplemental support to foster agencies and foster parents.


A Birthday Bag is an all-inclusive tote that helps children in foster care celebrate their special day. The goal behind the Birthday Bash program is to ensure that every child in foster care can feel seen and appreciated on their birthday.


 Every child in care deserves a Sweet 16.   Our Sweet 16 bag provides teens in care the opportunity to connect with their peers in the electronic world.  Bridging the electronic gap between growing up foster vs. growing up typical. 



Drive Time is a specially designed program providing youth in care with driving instruction scholarships.  Youth in care deserve tools to achieve driving success before aging out of foster care.




Collage Bound provides kids in care with scholarships to equip dorm rooms with the items necessary to begin life on their own.  Scholarships include laptops or electronics required for academic success. 

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