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Celebrating Kids in Foster Care

Impacting Lives & Making A Difference

Since 2011

Fostering SuperStars is a non-profit celebrating the birthdays of children living in foster care. 


Birthdays matter because people matter. 

Our mission: celebrate the life, dreams, and birthday wishes of children who wouldn't otherwise be celebrated.


With a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of sprinkles, we want foster kids to know one thing: they are worth celebrating! 

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Sweet '16'

Foster Care
Empowerment & Advocacy



The Foster Care Crisis in America

There are over 430,000 children in foster care and only 214,421 licensed foster parents. Unfortunately, this means foster parents and agencies are often left with limited resources to serve the many children in their care. The need for organizations like ours is vital in filling some of the many gaps that continue to plague the foster care system. 


Fostering SuperStars began as an empowerment support system for aging-out foster youth, where I shared stories and lessons from my own foster care journey. During one such event, a foster child came to me and told me it was her 16th birthday. With a long, sad face, she said, "Ms. Helen, I'm not sure anyone knows." I stopped the event, and within an hour, we were singing, laughing, and blowing out candles. We spent the rest of the day celebrating her..... 


Birthdays matter because foster children matter, and every child deserves to be celebrated. 

Community Engagement

Be a part of something bigger. 
Sponsor a give-back event and impact the lives of foster children in your community.

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Foster Children

Foster Parents

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Of Every Dollars
Goes to Kids


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