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Our Mission:  

To create a nation of loving, thriving, successful foster children on the road to phenomenal.

Every year, more than 30,000 children' age out' of foster care ill equipped and unprepared for adult life. Often aging out feeling hopeless, helpless and alone. Leaving care with their belongings stuffed in black garbage bags.

I know…. Because that's how I left care, and many years later...

That's how my foster children came into my life.

     — Two adorable toddlers dragging five black garbage bags 












We are a 100% volunteer ran non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and equipping foster children to SUCCESS. 

Ramaglia Boys - Foster Adopted 6/2010


It's a bag of 'Inspiration'

A 'Tote of Hope'


With 'Me' room

For 'My' stuff




mom successful survi.jpg
Angel in adoption.jpeg
Points of light.jpg
Woman of Valor Award
Woman of the Year Award

Every Foster Child deserves the right to age out of care equipped with the skills for SUCCESS.

Helen Footprints Interview 1min

Helen Ramaglia
Founder, Aged Out Foster Child & Foster Adoptive Parent

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